Annual Conference Sessions 2018

Annual Meeting at a Glance

Reverse College Day

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Keynote Speaker: 9:45am-10:30am

Session 1: 1:15pm- 2:15pm

A: Disability Services:  Helping Students & Parents Transition from High School to College

Darcy Murphy, Director of Disability Services, Rivier University

For students utilizing disability services in high school, understanding the difference between the K-12 school experience and the college experience, especially regarding the laws, is key to a smooth transition.  Come and learn about some of the important differences that may pose some challenges as students move into college, as well as some strategies while working with students and parents during their college search process.

B: An Effective Framework for Mentoring

Sharon Carlson, Director of School Relations, Gordon College

Mentoring is understood to be an important part of personal and professional growth but it’s often unclear how to actually DO it! As a school counselor, you are also in a position to help your students understand how mentoring can benefit them during their college years. This workshop will provide a framework for mentoring that is practical for high school counselors as you seek to develop in both your career and in your effective guidance with students.

Session 2: 2:25pm – 3:25pm

C: Understanding the SAT® Suite of Assessments to Support College and Career Readiness for All Students

Dena Soled Johnson, Director, K12 Services, College Board

In this session, participants will learn about the SAT Suite of Assessments and walk away with a clear understanding of how to interpret all of the scores and benchmarks.  Participants will also learn about the benefits attached to the SAT Suite of Assessments and the free resources available through the College Board to support them in their work including AP Potential™, Official SAT® Practice through Khan Academy®, and Roadmap to Careers.

D: Student Success is Your Success: Tracking College Enrollment & Reverse Transfer

Sue Ledwell, Director Business Development, National Student Clearinghouse
Heather Smith, Senior Consultant at National Student Clearinghouse

Need more information on your graduates or transfers? Wonder how colleges can help students who enroll byt do not complete their degree? Our partner high schools and colleges know we offer data on student enrollment and automation focused on student success. You will learn about our StudentTracker services, Reverse Transfer processes and our electronic transcript delivery. Come join the conversation.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 
Annual Conference

NEACRAO Welcome Reception – 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Thursday, November 8, 2018
Session Block 1: 9:00am – 10:00am

1A: Law and Order: Special Transfer Unit

Tony Trodella, Associate Director of Admission/Coordinator of Transfer Admission, Saint Anselm College

Do you dread seeing the box that is checked “yes” for a disciplinary history or criminal conviction? Each year many of us have those students applying to our schools with a disciplinary issue or criminal convictions, and others that are trying to “transfer out of trouble”.  How do we or can we respond? Also, some insights and clarifications for the “legal jargon” and situations that you might not be familiar.

Tony Trodella has over 17 years of experience in Higher Education working in both Student Affairs/Residential Life and Admission. Tony is currently the Associate Director of Admission & Coordinator of Transfer Admission at Saint Anselm College. Prior to that he worked at Plymouth State University starting as a Residence Director in Student Affairs, transitioning to Admissions and working his way up to Director of Admissions.  Before his career in Higher Ed, Tony spent over a decade working in the Criminal Justice field as a police officer in Massachusetts, a Probation and Parole Officer for the State of Maine, as well as a Corporate Security Manager for a Private Sector Corporation. He has presented at the state and national level presenting at NEACUHO, ACUHOi, NETA, and for the U.S Department of Justice.

1B: The Multi-Generational Workforce: Keys to Engagement, Communication and Building Leadership Capacity

Tara Hall, Program Supervisor, State of Connecticut, Department of Children and Families

Participants will explore their knowledge and experience working in a diverse workforce and its overall impact on the learning organization.  Participants will identify a generation and nuances in communication styles which impact employee engagement, retention and building leadership capacity. 

1C: The FUNdamentals of FERPA and More

Steven Macdonald, General Counsel, Rhode Island School of Design

Be sure to join Steve McDonald, NEACRAO’s resident FERPA expert, for a presentation on the structure and most significant provisions of FERPA, latest guidance, and potential amendments. It’s the law that we would like to forget about (and sometimes do), but that affects virtually every facet of our work. Whether you’re a FERPA newbie or a FERPA maven, and regardless of what office you work in, there is something for you in this session. As always, your questions, concerns, and experiences (good, bad, and especially bizarre) are welcome.

1D: Understanding Generation Z

Jason Moran, Dean of Enrollment Management, Plymouth State University

The Generation Z students that we serve have grown up in a digital world since birth, and most don’t remember a time before social media. Gen Z is highly educated, entrepreneurial, have a fear of missing out, and a desire to make a difference in the world.  How are you and your school working to understand and embrace this current generation?  This session will explore characteristics, insights, and how Generation Z differs from the Millennial Generation that will allow educators to connect and provide support to Gen Z students.

1E: Become a Governance and Catalog Superhero 

Ryan Forsythe, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Worcester State University  and Shari Friedman, Account Executive, Leepfrog Technologies

Faster than a publication deadline, more powerful than a curriculum committee, able to leepfrog unrealistic expectations in a single bound. This looks like a job for…a Governance and Catalog Superhero!  Come to this session to learn how Worcester State University recently converted its catalog production and academic governance systems to Leepfrog Technologies’ CourseLeaf software.  Learn more about CourseLeaf’s electronic proposal submission and review system for academic programs, courses, and policies…and how it works with WSU’s new online academic catalog.  You can do this!  There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.

Session Block 2: 10:30am – 12:00pm

2A: The New England Higher Education Enrollment “Perfect Storm” – Winners and Losers, National Demographic Trends that Impact Institutions of Higher Education in New England

Stafford Peat, Senior Consultant and Stephanie Murphy, Policy and Research Analyst, New England Board of Higher Education

Decades-long patterns in fertility, an aging population, especially in the Northern New England states, and a projected decline in high school graduation
rates have long-term consequences for higher education. Overall, the number of high school graduates in New England is projected to decline by 14% by 2032. Within the region, Connecticut and New Hampshire face the greatest declines. NEBHE presenters will report on new research examining demographics
and the demand for higher education and other key indicators that drive college enrollment. The session will culminate with a discussion about the future of higher education and what actions are required to address these demographic challenges.  

Presentation 2A Handout

Stafford Peat

Stafford Peat has been a Policy Research Senior Fellow at the New England Board of Higher Education since 2011.  Peat provides best practices, resources and information to higher education stakeholders on issues such as college affordability, college readiness and student success.  He has also led a number of innovative programs include grant-funded projects such as the Developmental Math Demonstration Project, the Redesigning Student Aid Project, and the New England Data Project intended to help expand the region’s capacity to use data to improve college readiness and success.

Prior to joining NEBHE, Peat served as the Director of Secondary School Services at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). While at DESE he led a number of secondary and postsecondary alignment initiatives including the identification of a Board of Education endorsed recommended college readiness program of studies – MassCore.

Stephanie Murphy

Stephanie Murphy joined the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) in July 2018 as a Policy and Research Analyst. In this role, she conducts research and analysis on a range of relevant issues in postsecondary education and writes briefs, primers, and reports for NEBHE’s audience and key stakeholders.

Prior to joining NEBHE, Stephanie worked at The Hunt Institute in Durham, North Carolina, where she provided the substantive planning and coordination of the Institute’s state and national policymaker convenings. Stephanie, a Texas-native, is also currently pursuing her Ph.D. in political science at the University of Toronto. Her dissertation research explores the educational theory developed by 18th century political thinker Jean-Jacques Rousseau, whose writings galvanized a new national system of education during the French Revolution.

2B: An Effective Framework for Mentoring

Sharon Carlson, Director of School Relations, Gordon College

Mentoring is understood to be an important part of personal and professional growth. But it’s often unclear how to actually DO it! As a mentor, it’s easy to feel inadequate to the task of mentoring others. As the mentee, it’s hard to know where to find the support you need. This workshop will provide a framework for mentoring that is practical for both college professionals and high school counselors as you seek to develop in both your career and in your effective guidance with students.

2C: Crash Into Me: Lessons on Leading Through Chaos, Planning for the Unexpected, and Shifting from Survive to Thrive

Joseph Wolk, Registrar, Bridgewater State University

What would you do if the registration system crashed unexpectedly? This session explores how Bridgewater State University navigated a registration crash in November 2017. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of effective contingency planning, cross-institutional collaboration/communication and the overall knowledge needed to return to their campus and ask “Would we be ready?”

2D: A Registrar’s Office Documentation Journey

Evelyn M. Jiménez, Documentation Manager, Harvard University 

What is the one thing that every employee asks for and every office wishes they had more of? “Documentation”! In this session, I will share with you Harvard FAS Registrar’s office journey in creating and maintaining a documentation resource library that is organized, accessible, secure and consistent across teams to ensure business continuity and cross training. Attendees will walk away with some ideas on how to get started in their own office and how to set the groundwork for creating a legacy for their successors.

2E: TES® and Transferology™: Simplify Transfer

John Panzica, Transfer Solutions Specialist, CollegeSource

Evaluating transfer courses can be challenging and time-consuming. With over 100 million course descriptions in TES, you can research courses and institutions, track course changes over time, secure faculty approval on matches, and easily establish and maintain a robust set of equivalencies and transfer pathways. TES is also fully-integrated with the Transferology network, providing hundreds of thousands of students annually with access to your transfer information and helping you recruit and retain students. Students can easily request additional information from your institution, ensuring you are connecting with prospective students. Recruiting just one transfer student with Transferology can more than justify the entire year’s subscription. Join us to learn more about TES and Transferology!

Session Block 3: 2:15pm – 3:15pm

3A: Tuition Break for New England Residents: What’s New!

Wendy Lindsay, Senior Director, and Emily Decatur, Assistant Director, New England Regional Student Program, New England Board of Higher Education 

The New England Board of Higher Education’s Tuition Break, the Regional Student Program has been helping residents of the six New England states access tuition-discounted programs for more than 60 years. This session will inform you about how students – and public colleges – can benefit from participation in the program at all degree levels, and provide details on new flexible options for eligibility.

3B: A Strategic Approach to Professional Development

Jennifer Gattilia, Assistant Registrar, University of Connecticut
Sarah B. Cooper, Records & Enrollment Specialist, University of Connecticut

Developing and educating our staff and ourselves is one of our priorities at the University of Connecticut. The Office of the Registrar and the Division of Enrollment Planning and Management take a strategic approach to offering professional development at all levels.  This session will provide a framework for how we provide educational opportunities for individual units, office and division-wide, and across divisions.  A demonstration of a division-wide “Day in the Life” experience will be shared. 

3C: Combining Transfer Rules and Degree Audits: Building the UMS Transfer Guides

Laurie Ficker, Assistant Director/Enrollment Services/Academic Advising/Prior Learning Assessment, University of Maine at Augusta; Angel Allen, IT Project Manager, University of Maine System, and Mary Stover, Registrar, University of Maine at Machias

The University of Maine System wanted a better way to help potential transfer students and their advisors plan for eventual transfer to a UMS university. Staff in advising offices were manually revising advising sheets and updating with new program requirements and transfer equivalents. UMS IT got involved and worked with degree audit programmers and transfer officers to build a web-based tool which pulls in transfer rules which have already been built and meshes them with degree progress reports. Learn about some of the challenges that faced the team and our plans for improvements to the system.

3D: Digital Transformation in Higher Ed: Improve your processes, ROI and student engagement in a snap with DIGARC

Amy Salley, Account Executive, DIGARC

Digital transformation and technology are creating change in higher education. Institutions that are leading the way use technology and data to transform processes and improve the way the business of educating gets done.  Attend this session to learn the four reasons universities and colleges make digital transformation a priority and ways you can get a quick win. 

3E: Turn the Diploma from Headaches to Opportunity for You and Your Graduates

 Joe Cornelius and Sara Pettola, Regional Sales Managers, Parchment

Parchment’s new complete print and digital diploma service enhances the traditional diploma experience. Graduates benefit from immediate access to an online, verifiable & shareable diploma or certificate. Administrators benefit from real-time printing, delivery, tracking – and no more support calls! Survey data from 975 class of 2017 digital diploma recipients will illustrate expectation, need and use of this enhanced experience.

Session Block 4: 3:45pm – 4:45pm

4A: Admissions, Recruitment, and Enrollment Management CRM and Other Technologies Users Roundtable Discussion

Eric Johnson, Enrollment Data Manager, Mount Wachusett Community College; Keiko Broomhead, Vice President of  Enrollment Management, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Is your Admissions Office or Enrollment Management area using a CRM or looking to move to a CRM?  Are you using an in-house technology solution?  Come talk with your Admissions and Enrollment Management colleagues about your experience or needs as a CRM User.

4B: Keeping a Team Together and Motivated During Difficult Times *updated time*

Jack Miner, University Registrar & Executive Director of Enrollment Services, The Ohio State University
Vice-President for Finance, AACRAO

The philosopher Charlie Sheen told us all about Winning!  The philosopher Jack Miner will tell us about how we sometime feel like we aren’t really winning.  Leading a team is hard work but never is it more difficult than when you feel like things aren’t going well.  The hard times are when leaders are tested the most.  As higher education leaders, our challenges can come in a variety of ways. Sometimes we feel like our areas are being dumped upon.  Sometimes we can feel our role is herding cats:  trying to get faculty or students to do something that we know in our hearts they will never do.  Sometimes we are managing enormous projects or priorities without enough staffing, support, or resources.  Sometimes things are going terrific and then “it” all starts hitting the fan.  But you are the leader and you are going to get us through this.  Jack will share some fun, some serious, some useful, and likely some useless insights in how to survive it all.  How do you not just make sure that you are making it through those tough times but make sure your staff or team does too?  How can you be…winning! 

4C: The Evolving Federal Reporting Landscape

Chris Barrett, Senior Information Technologist, University of Rhode Island; Jack Humphrey, University Registrar, University of Rhode Island

Federal reporting requirements continue to evolve and along with them the National Student Loan Clearinghouse process. We’ll look at some of the recent changes and present strategies for compliance and strategies to build a culture to support it.

4D: New England’s Employability Imperative: Lessons Learned from the Commission on Higher Education & Employability

Candace Williams, Director for Strategic Initiatives, New England Board of Higher Education
Kurt Heissenbuttel, Vice President, Head of University Talent, Fidelity Investments

While New England is world-renowned for its high-quality colleges and universities, the region’s employers remain concerned about a lack of qualified, skilled workers, particularly in technology-intensive and growth-oriented industries. The challenges of low population growth, persistent equity gaps in postsecondary attainment and increasing global competitiveness require policymakers, business leaders and educators to collaborate to maximize the region’s human capital potential, ensure workforce productivity and improve residents’ well-being.

4E: Certified Electronic Diplomas (CeDiploma®): The most advanced electronic credential

Christopher Jackson, CEO, Paradigm

Graduates need their diplomas faster than ever before, for job applications, Grad school acceptance, certifications, social media postings and more, both internationally and domestically. Paradigm offers the fastest and most advanced solution for both paper and electronic diploma services. Come and participate in this informative session as we discuss all  of features of the CeDiploma, what makes it different from a basic ediploma and how this modern answer to diploma fraud will truly excite your students. Additional services such as direct mailing of documents directly to your students, affordable presentation products for your ceremonies and quick turnaround times will make life easier for you and your staff all while giving your students exceptional results!

NEACRAO After Dark
Thursday, November 8, 8 p.m.-11 p.m.

Friday, November 9, 2018
Session Block 5: 8:45am – 9:45am

5A: Student Veteran Success

Danielle R. Desjardins, Coordinator for Transfer and Veteran Student Success, University of New Haven

Delve deeper into the world of student veterans. Learn more about educational benefits, supporting student veterans in the classroom, and making your institution military friendly.

5B: Don’t Go It Alone. Build an Effective Professional Network for Career Success

Karen H. Schedin, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Rivier University, NEACRAO Past President
Marcia Rosbury-Henne, Dean of Enrollment, Mount Wachusett Community College, NEACRAO Past President

Ever wonder why some people in your field just seem to know everyone?  How did they meet so many people and seem to have time for it when you feel like it is just impossible to achieve or manage?  Let’s take a few minutes to reflect on the value of a professional network and why it is good for you and for those with whom you connect.  We will discuss the value added to you as a professional, as a person, and the lessons one might learn when becoming more open to opportunities to connect.  

5C: Degree Audit Open Forum

Miguel Sahagun, Assistant Registrar, Harvard University; Steven Berenback, Coordinator, Degree Audit, University of Rhode Island

Facilitated, open discussion to discuss the various types of degree audit systems, common problems/solutions, how to get folks onboard, and an opportunity to network with professionals from other institutions. 

5D: Moving Mountains: Implementing a New Time Block Schedule for Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Erika McDonald, Associate Registrar of Academic Planning, Harvard University; Asha Makalani, Academic Planning Coordinator, Harvard University

5E: Higher Education – Washington Update and AACRAO Initiatives

Jack Miner, University Registrar & Executive Director of Enrollment Services, The Ohio State University.
Vice-President for Finance, AACRAO 

This session will look at the current and emerging topics coming out of Washington DC in the area of higher education.  This will be a chance to hear about AACRAO’s initiatives as well as partnerships with other higher education associations.  You will also get a read on the current political landscape including how AACRAO and member schools are working with the US House and Senate and the Department of Education on higher education topics.

Session Block 6: 10:00am – 11:00am

6A: Admissions/Enrollment Management Roundtable

Keiko Broomhead, Vice President of Enrollment Management, Wentworth Institute of Technology; Valerie Leclair, Executive Director of Undergraduate & Graduate Admissions, Rivier University

Facilitated, open discussion to debrief on topics of interest to our profession; debrief on the conference; spitball ideas for next year’s conference programming and arrangements.

6B: Working in a Union Environment

Jody Barr, Executive Director, AFSCME Council 4; AFSCME International Vice President
Jennifer Ruggiero, Assistant Registrar, Southern Connecticut State University; SUOAF-AFSCME Membership Officer

Supervising or being supervised in a union environment can be challenging. This session will offer suggestions, techniques and strategies for constructive, functional working relationships between managers and union employee.

Brief history of the Supreme Court of the United States ruling on Janus and what’s next.

6C: Registrar Roundtable

Jack Humphrey, University Registrar, University of Rhode Island

Facilitated, open discussion to debrief on topics of interest to our profession; debrief on the conference; spitball ideas for next year’s conference programming and arrangements.

6D: Supporting Student Veterans

Micaela Black, Coordinator of VetSuccess, Providence Veterans Administration; Rachael Garcia, Assistant Director of Veteran Affairs, University of Rhode Island

Do you offer Veteran services on your campus? Come listen to how experts at the State and campus level support our student Veterans from a collaborative approach.


Friday, November 9, 2018

Closing Speaker: 11:15am – 12:00pm

  • Professor Philip Lee