2017-2018 Nominations

Nominations for NEACRAO Leadership for 2017-2018 are open. 

Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague!


NEACRAO Leadership for 2017-2018

 Open Positions

  • President-Elect
  • Vice President, Registrar & Records
  • Nominating Committee  – 2 members needed for the committee (1 from Admissions/Enrollment Mgmt and 1 from Registrar)
  • Director of Membership (NEW POSITION–Board Level; pending approval)

 Considerations for Nominating Officers (see position descriptions below):

  • Involvement in NEACRAO and AACRAO
  • Interest in serving and availability
  • Leadership qualities
  • Institutional approval and support
  • President-Elect must have served on the Executive Council during the current or previous year


  • Candidate’s approval should be obtained prior to nomination
  • Nominee MUST be a member of NEACRAO
  • Only one nominee per form

Current Nominees (as of 10/18/17)

The following individuals have been nominated for the above positions:
Mike Burke (Harvard University) for President-Elect
Carnell Jones (University of Rhode Island) for Vice President, Registrar & Records
Martina Duncan (Bowdoin College) for the Nominating Committee
Mary Dunn (Salem State University) for the Nominating Committee
Kaitlyn Santa Lucia
(Harvard University) for Director of Membership
Nominations will also be accepted on the floor of the Annual Meeting. If you are interested in any of the above positions, contact Ari Kaufman, Past-President.

Position Descriptions and Expectations

President-Elect (1 year term with succession to President, and Past President): The President-Elect shall coordinate all activities of the Annual Meeting, carry out other duties as delegated by the President and automatically succeed to the presidency. Must have served on the Executive Council during the current or previous year. Participation at meetings held during the year (January, March, June, and the annual meeting– meeting months are approximate) are expected.

Vice President, Registrar & Records (3 year term): This NEACRAO Vice President is a three-year term whose office is assumed at the close of the annual meeting.  This Vice President is responsible for coordinating and supervising the affairs of NEACRAO in the professional area of registrar, records, and related areas. This officer serves as a member of the Executive Committee. Vice Presidents shall be responsible, with the President-Elect, for program activities of the Annual Conference.

Nominations Committee Member: Members of the committee are responsible for compiling a slate of nominees. The Nominating Committee shall convene at least two months prior to the Annual Meeting to prepare a slate of nominees for officers of NEACRAO. The committee is comprised of the chairperson, the immediate past-president, and two registrar representatives and two admissions representatives. Members serve two-year overlapping terms.


Director of Membership: (approved by NEACRAO Council at June 2017 meeting and pending approval by NEACRAO membership) The Director of Membership will work closely with members of the executive board to ensure that NEACRAO is maintaining and growing its membership.  A key member of the executive board, this position will work with the Treasurer to monitor current membership lists, payment of membership dues, and track who has not renewed as well as where NEACRAO can grow its membership. This position will work closely with the Communications Manager to create campaigns to boost awareness of our organization and to highlight benefits of membership. This position will also work with the President and Local Arrangements to help plan two networking events throughout New England per year. This is a three-year term for which one must be elected by NEACRAO membership.