Presenter Guidelines

Presenting at NEACRAO Events

Thank you for your willingness to participate as a presenter for NEACRAO. We cannot create events for our members without your help, expertise, and volunteering of your time. Please keep the following in mind when you are crafting your presentations.

Know Your Audience

NEACRAO’s membership is drawn from higher education institutions all over New England with expertise as Admissions, Registrar, and Enrollment Management professionals. Any presentation should consider the needs of workers in each of these areas of specialization when addressing a topic.

Be Mindful of Time

Just as we encourage you not to exceed your time limit, we are also asking that you fill the time allotted to you. Without this, participants cannot get the most out of their professional development that we as an organization are attempting to provide.

Create Presentations That Inform and Entertain

Many of our presenters choose to use PowerPoint or other software to create visual aids for their presentation. This is highly encouraged. Make sure your presentation is visually appealing and easy to read from a distance. It should give an outline to the audience without getting lost in detail. If you have handouts for the attendees, be sure to print and bring copies with you, as NEACRAO won’t have access to these facilities.

Bring Your Equipment

Presenters need to bring their own laptops for their presentations. NEACRAO does not provide laptops. Microphones and podiums are usually available, depending on meeting location. Check with Local Arrangements for any questions about these items.

Don’t be Afraid to Dig in and Demonstrate

Detail is excellent to include, and demonstration is even better. If you are explaining new methods, show with examples. Bring us out of the Power Point and into the software. Presenting the nitty gritty can be extremely valuable on some topics, especially technical ones. Don’t just tell; show.

Remember, you are the Expert

Present your material with confidence, engage an audience in questions, and be clear about how this information can improve the work lives of your listeners. You’re going to be great!