Annual Meeting Proposals 2017

This year at our Annual Meeting, the Board is proposing several items for action by membership.

  • A new Board-level position of Director of Membership
  • Two Constitutional amendments
  • Five Bylaw changes and additions

Proposed Director of Membership Description

The Director of Membership will work closely with members of the executive board to ensure that NEACRAO is maintaining and growing its membership. A key member of the executive board, this position will work with the Treasurer to monitor the current membership list, payment of membership dues, and track who has not renewed as well as where NEACRAO can grow its membership. This position will work closely with the Communications Manager to create campaigns to boost awareness of our organization and to highlight benefits of membership. This position will also work with the President and Local Arrangements to help plan two networking events throughout New England per year. This is a three-year term for which one must be elected by NEACRAO membership.

List of Duties

  • Welcome all NEACRAO members, specifically new ones to all events.
  • A key relationship and bridge builder.
  • Responsible for committee interest forms and funneling new members to the various committees of NEACRAO.
  • Work to keep membership engaged year around.
  • Engage various Graduate programs to build pipeline for future membership.

If approved by membership, a nominee may be put forth and elected at the 2017 meeting.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

  1. Change Membership Committee to Director of Membership (pending approval of by-law proposal number 3, below)

ARTICLE III Section 4  Individuals who otherwise would meet NEACRAO membership criteria but are not currently affiliated with a member institution may apply for individual membership. This generally includes those who either have worked in the profession previously or who currently perform work related to the profession and otherwise do not qualify for membership. Each application for individual membership is reviewed by the Director of Membership and presented to the Board for approval. Dues for individual membership are the same as for institutional membership. Individual members are not entitled to voting rights. 

2. Elimination of the position of Communications Manager-Elect and addition of Director of Membership to list of Board Officers.

ARTICLE IV Section 2 The officers named in Section 1, together with the Immediate Past President, Communications Manager, Communications Manager-ElectDirector of Membership, and the Archivist/Parliamentarian shall constitute an Executive Board. 

Proposed By-Law Changes

  1. The elimination of the position Communications Manager-Elect.

ARTICLE IV Section 1 The President and President-elect and Past President shall hold office for one year each. The Archivist/Parliamentarian, Communications Manager, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President Professional Development, Vice President Admissions/Enrollment Management, Vice President Registrar and Records, and Vice President for College Admissions and High School Relations shall hold office for three years each. The Communications Manager-elect shall serve for a one year term which will be appointed in the last year of the term of the Communications Manager. The Treasurer-elect shall serve for a one year term which will be elected in the last year of the term of the Treasurer. In none of these positions may the person succeed himself/herself. Should any Annual Meeting be omitted, the time between two consecutive meetings shall be counted as one year in the administration of the provision of this section.

2. Additional duties for Communications Manager

ARTICLE IV Section 8 The Communications Manager shall be responsible for publishing three editions of the Newsletter during the fiscal year, July 1 through June 30. The Communications Manager will work with the other board members to help craft and build an appropriate communication plan.   

3. Addition of Director of Membership (see above for more information).

ARTICLE IV Section 9 (New for 2017) The Director of Membership shall work closely with the Treasurer to monitor the current membership list, payment of dues, and assess where NEACRAO can grow its membership. The Director of Membership will work with the Communication Manager to create campaigns to boost awareness of NEACRAO and to highlight benefits of membership. The Director of Membership will also work with the President and Local Arrangements to help plan two networking events throughout New England per year.  

4. Article IV Sections 9, 10, & 11 become Sections 10, 11, & 12, respectively if Director of Membership is approved.

5. Reduction/clarification of length of term for Communications Manager and Archivist/Parliamentarian to three (3) years each.


Section 1 The President, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint the Communications Manager, and the Archivist and Chairs and members of the following standing committees: Professional Development and Ethical Practices, Workshops and Seminars, Multicultural, Admissions Management, Enrollment Management, Recruitment and Marketing, Transfer Articulation, Registrar/Records Management, Institutional Research, Management Information Systems, Local Arrangements, Reverse College Day Planning and Promotion, Reverse College Day Program and High School Outreach and Membership. Committee appointments are made for one year commencing at the Annual Meeting and may be renewed for a maximum of one additional year. Committee members who have served two years may be invited by the President to serve an additional year as committee chair. The appointment of Communications Manager shall be for three (3) years commencing at the Annual Meeting. The appointment of the Archivist/Parliamentarian shall be for three (3) years commencing at the Annual Meeting.